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Tuition & Fees

Financing Available Through Meritize Financial

PrepMD is working with Meritize Financial, a unique lender that looks beyond traditional credit data and taps into students’ academic data history to expand and enhance loan options. Meritize offers students the opportunity to apply for an educational loan that can cover up to the full cost of attendance at PrepMD, including tuition, fees and approved living expenses, with 5- and 10-year repayment options, a full in-school deferment option, a 90-day payback grace period and no prepayment penalty.

PrepMD is pleased to work alongside Meritize to expand financing opportunities for its students. For more information, students can download their information or go to


The Meritize loan program can cover, tuition, fees and an amount that covers standard living expenses for the period of the program. Any administrative charge such as the Meritize origination fee, should be considered by the loan applicant as additional expense, and as such, that amount can be allowed for in your total requested loan amount.

Inclusive of the tuition for training programs are the costs of initial clinical text books, study guides, laboratory fees, limited liability insurance, as well as any fees associated with the conduct of the medical-center based clinical rotations, with the exception of food, parking, and travel expenses incurred to and from the medical centers.


Students who will require housing should review the housing tab on the right of this page. Housing expenses and daily meal expenses while attending PrepMD are the full responsibility of the student. PrepMD will not supply housing for any student but will provide any interested student with access to a number of housing options.

All meal expense during class periods are the responsibility of the student. PrepMD will maintain a beverage service during the course of the day consisting of snacks, coffees, teas, waters etc.

Students will be required to maintain their personal health insurance as well as insurance on their cars should they use them for transportation to and from the school or while on clinical rotation.

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