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Current Candidates


An effective communicator with over 5 years of customer service and leadership experience. Ability to build and maintain strong relationships demonstrated through sales and marketing positions as well as through technical study in the field of Communications. Time management and teamwork skills proven by balancing multiple jobs while maintaining a 3.3 GPA at Suffolk University. Eager to secure a role in the medical device industry with knowledge obtained at PrepMD combined with a communications background to start a lifelong career.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West


Over 1000 direct patient care hours in adult medical care facility. Distributed medications and documented care to effectively communicate with physicians and other healthcare providers to ensure quality care. Proven leader through entrepreneurial sales experience in B2B and retail sales. Turning a 15K grant into a industry leading company with over 900k in revenue in 3 years. Organized and negotiated several six-figure 3-year contracts with major production companies. Earned a B.S. in Human Biology (Pre-Med) from Michigan State University. Excited to combine medical device technical training, with a pre-med background, and work experience, to become a valuable asset to a cardiovascular medical device team.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, West


Health care professional with 2 years experience managing a traveling team of 4 physiologists who performed 12 lead EKG screening for fire, EMS, and police departments and reported findings to physicians. Proven time management skills in a dynamic environment responsible for account management of 1400 first responders while arranging travel and performing screenings and new employee training. Graduated with a BS in Exercise Science from Lander University with a 3.1 GPA. Eager to combine management And clinical experience with a background in physiology to become a valuable member of the team in the CRM field.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, West


While earning a B.S. in Biochemistry from UNC at Wilmington, acquired skills for quantitative and qualitative research and analysis. Worked for 2 years in multiple academic labs and led project to synthesize and test pharmaceutical compounds. Over 4 years working to master skills of audio and light engineering through work with various artists. 4 years managing and playing in an accomplished touring band. Eager to obtain a position in the medical device industry, utilizing acquired knowledge of sound and lighting devices, chemical and biological machines, coupled with Prep MD training, to add value in the industry.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, West


An effective communicator with over 5 years of customer service and time management experience in the exceptionally high stress, fast paced hospitality industry. Trained incoming new hires in direct customer management. Gained a Bachelors Degree in Health Science Studies from Quinnipiac University while tutoring college-bound students in chemistry, history and advanced writing. Now poised to enter the medical device industry with professional skills honed in a sensitive customer-focused industry along with the medical device experience gained at PrepMD.

Geographic Interests

New York Metropolitan Area


Over 2 years direct patient care experience in inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation. Collaborated with physicians, nurses, and therapists in optimizing patient therapies. Managed inventory and maintained equipment for rehab department as well as training new employees. Earned a BS in Exercise Science at Tennessee Technological University maintaining a 3.43 GPA. Highly motivated and eager to combine past experience with knowledge attained at PrepMD to secure a career in the medical device industry.

Geographic Interests

Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West


Boston University graduate with a B.S. in Film and Television. Excelled in working collaboratively and building rapport with film crews on 8 projects which strengthened communication and teamwork skills. Ability to be thorough and meet deadlines after working 1 year in the NFL Film Department. Use of creative critical thinking skills to effectively troubleshoot different situations after 4 years experience of lighting and composing scenes for cinematography. Seeking a career in the medical device industry where communication skills will support the ability to carry out the expectations of a CRM company through team-building, passionate dedication, and disciplined work ethics.

Geographic Interests

Northeast, Southeast, West


Sales experience working as the top sales intern for a B2B wholesale company. Assisted COO in generating over $200k in sales in a 3 month span. Demonstrated leadership and project management skills exemplified by being elected CEO of a simulation IT project. Managed team of 3 in Implementing a full IT infrastructure and website for the project. Syracuse University graduate with a degree in Information management and technology (GPA 3.3). Dedicated worker eager to leverage sales experience, technological background and PrepMD training to become a valuable asset to a medical device team.

Geographic Interests

Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, West


Biological Science graduate with 2.5 years cardiac medical device experience in a research and design setting. Leadership skills demonstrated by managing a design team while continuing to work on the development of a lower profile Transcatheter Aortic Valve (TAV). Displayed strong communication skills by presenting about new technologies to key stakeholders with a goal to raise funding. Eager to convert cardiac medical device and sales experience now coupled with current training to engage a medical device specialist career.

Geographic Interests



Total of 6 years of work experience within the hospitality and financial services industries in client support roles. Worked within team structure in member services department to manage more than 500 member accounts in a designated territory while maintaining over 90% member retention. Ability to communicate effectively within high pressure environments to ensure client satisfaction. Earned a B.A. degree (GPA 3.3) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Looking forward to leveraging previous work experience and current training from PrepMD to contribute to the overall success of a medical device team.

Geographic Interests

Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, West


Over 1000 hours of direct patient care experience in the inpatient brain injury rehabilitation setting. Reviewed radiographic images of all modalities, assisted in transcribing reports and communicated results to physicians. Collaborated with nurses and therapists to provide therapy to patients. Demonstrated leadership skills as team lead on clinical staff and development of new hires, while attending school. Received Kinesiology degree from Michigan State University (3.5 GPA). Excited to combine medical academic background and clinical experience with PrepMD training to become a successful team member with a CRM company.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, West


Clinical experience serving as an orthotic assistant in a prosthetic clinic. Assisted with patient evaluations, operated 3D scanning software, and fabricated orthotic and prosthetic devices. Experience delivering therapy in a physical therapy setting. Received a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from West Virginia University. Eager to secure a clinical position in the medical device industry where direct patient care skills joined with technical hardware skills can be utilized.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Southeast


Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (GPA 3.3) from Fairfield University, with over 500 hours of clinical experience and direct patient care. Supported physicians in clinical rotations in a variety of different healthcare settings including telemetry units, OR, ED, ICU, and medical surgical units. Able to work well in high pressure, fast paced environments evidenced by over 2 years in the customer service industry. Seeking a career in the medical device industry utilizing experiences in the clinical setting in combination with the specialized Medical Device training obtained at PrepMD.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, West


Healthcare professional with 3 years of clinical experience in an outpatient cardiology clinic. Responsible for providing patient care, co-managed a coumadin clinic, supervised diagnostic stress tests, and prepared remote device monitoring reports for a team of cardiologists. Earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine while concurrently working two jobs. Excited to combine a strong science background and previous clinical experience along with PrepMD training in order to secure a medical device specialist career.

Geographic Interests

Southern California


Earned a B.S. in Pre-Med Biology (3.7 GPA, cum laude) from the Honor’s College at Western Carolina University. Demonstrated leadership skills serving as captain of D1 football team. Proven success in retail sales as 8 time top salesman, responsible for over 450K in annual sales. Exceeded monthly quotas by over 20% for 8 consecutive months while managing day-to-day operations. Eager to combine a strong work ethic, a biological science background, and sales experience to the medical device industry as a valuable asset on a CRM team.

Geographic Interests

Northeast, Southeast


Earned a kinesiology degree from Michigan State University (3.7) while gaining over 300 hours of patient care experience in an orthopaedic rehabilitation setting, working as part of a healthcare team. Applied kinesiology knowledge to assist physical and occupational therapists in providing exceptional care. Experience working as a research assistant, using critical thinking skills to collect and manage data. Motivated to apply science background and patient care experience to become a valuable member of a medical device team.

Geographic Interests

Midwest, Northeast


1.5 years of clinical experience treating clients with mental health disabilities. Over 2.5 years experience working with clients as a personal trainer and sales manager. In addition to clinical background, experience in B2B industrial sales, responsible for annual quota of $600K through acquisition of new business sales as an outside sales rep. Bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology and Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3.8 GPA). Eager to combine academic, clinical, and practical experience, in conjunction with training at PrepMD, to forge a career in the medical device industry.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, West


Obtained over 400 hours of direct patient care experience, coordinating with clinicians to carry out treatment plans for efficient patient care. Trained 100 healthcare professionals with transition to electronic medical records through HIPAA compliant technologies while troubleshooting complications. Graduate of Michigan State University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (GPA 3.2). Eager to combine education and work experience with previous training at PrepMD to succeed in the medical device industry.

Geographic Interests

Midwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, West


Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Technologist with 8 years of experience supporting 6 cardiologists in a thriving practice. 10 years of additional experience in the OR and ER of a Level II Trauma center as a Radiologic Technologist. Bachelor of Science in Biology from The State University of New York at New Paltz. Eager to merge substantial skills and experience with the challenges of a career in the medical device industry.

Geographic Interests

Northwest, Southwest

Nishi Patel

A Graduate with B.E in Biomedical Engineering (GPA 3.2). Over a year of clinical experience in ‘hospital based’ environment as a BME, testing a wide variety of medical device equipments. Developed industry knowledge and interpersonal skills by coordinating with the nurses and allied healthcare professional to maintain timely functioning of state of the art medical equipment. Passionate about my contribution to the industry and eager to obtain a sales or clinical position so can contribute in company’s success through the skills acquired at PrepMD.

Geographic Interests

Northeast Region, Southeast Region


As a member of Enactus at La Sierra University supervised a successful 3rd world agro-economical project. Project managed a 30 person team for 1 year that developed a solution to impoverished women in India by improving their economic and living status by 150% annually. Proficient at meeting deadlines and performing under high pressure situations, while providing analysis of potential problems and offer honest and accurate advice to customers. Eager to transition and apply strengths from experiences along with PrepMD training into the CRM industry.

Geographic Interests

East, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, West


Biomedical Engineer with 2 years of medical device development experience. Created multiple prototype iterations for devices used in general surgery and wheelchair accessories. Elected treasurer of the Biomedical Engineering Societies University chapter responsible for the management of yearlong budget and funding. Maintained a 3.4 GPA and granted membership into a national Bioengineering Honor Society. Eager to combine academic background, medical device experience and troubleshooting skills to promote patients quality of life.

Geographic Interests

Midwest, Northeast, Southeast


A Health Sciences graduate (GPA 3.5) from Stockton University with over 800 hours of direct and indirect patient care in the hospital setting as a pharmaceutical technician. Acknowledged for precise data management, to ensure patients received proper pharmaceutical therapies during high pressure situations. Positioned to transition professional and academic experiences along with current training into a medical device career.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast


5 years professional experience as a Senior Medical Assistant. Administered stress tests, triaged clinic patients, co-managed a coumadin clinic, and was responsible for education and demonstration of at-home PT INR devices. Extensive patient management and physician management experience through professional engagements with pacemaker patients, cardiac electrophysiologists, and referring physicians. Prior Industry experience with ZOLL as a Patient Service Representative, trouble shooting LifeVests during patient hook-ups and in-services. UC Irvine graduate with a B.S. in Biology, well positioned to be part of a successful team in the medical device industry.

Geographic Interests

Southern California


Over 500 hours of clinical experience in cardiac rehab including preceptorships in electrophysiology lab, catheterization lab, and open heart operating room. Assisted clinical staff with developing and updating care plans which contributed to consistent quality patient care. Performed patient assessments and physical diagnostic testing in order to ensure successful rehab and clinical safety. A graduate from Seton Hill University with a degree in Exercise Science (GPA: 3.37). Looking to use skills acquired in a clinical setting along with PrepMD training to enter a career in the medical device industry.

Geographic Interests

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West

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